Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

  • Application form is N5, 000, only.
  • Upon completion of payment, you are expected to start reasonable development within SIX (6) MONTHS AND THREE (3) MONTHS for promo/discounted sales to avoid REVOCATION.
  • No payment should be made to any agent, marketer or representative of the company. The company will not take responsibility for any payment not made in favour of Leisure Court Ltd. at designated banks.
  • In case of demise of a subscriber, the next of kin takes ownership of the property upon meeting certain requirements.
  • Interest is ONLY transferable upon full payment of purchase sum but MUST be with the consent of the company.
  • That upon allocation, every subscriber is expected to build strictly according to the prototype given, approved roof and paint colour inclusive, to maintain uniformity of prototypes.
  • That setting out and excavation is strictly handled by the company’s team of professionals to ensure accuracy.
  • Every subscriber is expected to pay an infrastructural charge before occupying their property.
  • Ninety (90) days’ notice for withdrawal of interest, upon which a 20% administrative charge will be deducted.